Script to add a subtask to a specific task in a specific project

I’m adapting Joe Buhlig’s autoparser script to simply dump all email order confirmations from Amazon into my In Shipping project.

I’m bumping up against the syntax to use to get a new task created as a subtask. From this script:

if taskName starts with "Fwd: Your order" then
				set taskName to ((characters 11 thru -1 of taskName) as string)
				set taskNote to note of currentTask
				set taskText to taskName & " " & taskNote
				set newTask to parse tasks into with transport text taskText with as single task
				delete currentTask

end if

How do I change the newTask line to create a subtask in a task called “Amazon” in a project called “In Shipping”? Is this even possible? Thanks in advance for the help!!!

bump? Does anyone know if this is possible?

Perhaps this helps.

move newTask to end of tasks of task "In Shipping" of flattened project "Amazon"

It need to be inside a tell front document...end tell block.