Script to alert on a date?

I’m experimenting with OO and will probably purchase the pro version. To start with I’ve created a “master plan” of sorts containing some project ideas etc that I have. I’ve added a column “Review Date” to denote when (roughly) I should review a particular item again to see if I want to flesh it out more, kick it down the road, remove it, etc.

Is it possible to have OO alert me when I open this file (or leave it open) when a review date arrives? I can imagine this file getting quite long with a lot of nested detail. I know the standard answer will probably be “due dates belong in OF” (and it was probably designed intentionally to prevent people from replicating OF) but these aren’t really things that need to be tracked in OF yet so it seems cumbersome to have to go into OF and enter an item for “review X” with a due date there. I’m using OO for higher level planning, lists of things that I may find useful (career development opportunities, etc) but won’t know if I should look into some of them in more detail until a later date. A lot of these aren’t even projects they are just memory joggers for now, things that can be turned until projects which in turn can be decomposed into actions that will go into OF. I’ve used OF off and on the last four years (more off) and one of the biggest problems was using it to contain projects that weren’t really thought out, lists etc. Now that I’m using OO I don’t want to go back to the old OF cluttered drawer – OF should be lean and mean.

Only a handful of items will have the to-review dates for now. Sorting by date sort of works but i have to expand all levels and scan through the list manually. As the list gets larger I can see that getting frustrating.

Is this something that can be automated with the OO Automator capabilities?


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