Script to create new OF task with alias of Finder selected file(s)

Here is a script I pulled together to create new inbox tasks in Omnifocus.
The script creates one task per file selected in Finder.
File path and file alias is attached in the notes section.

I am sure the pros here will improve the script and please do!
I am newbie and barely cobbled it together…

Btw, two reasons I needed this:

  1. Because shortcut cmd-opt-O (send to inbox) did not work in Finder.

  2. Because instead of attaching the file, I only wanted to create an alias in the task.

    tell application “Finder”

    set theFiles to the selection as alias list

    repeat with theFile in theFiles

     set fileName to name of theFile
     set filePath to (POSIX path of theFile) as string
     -- Ask Omnifocus to create tasks
     tell application "OmniFocus"
     	set taskTitle to "Review: " & fileName
     	tell default document
     		set newTask to make new inbox task with properties {name:taskTitle, note:return & filePath}
     		tell the note of newTask
     			make new file attachment with properties {file name:theFile, embedded:false}
     		end tell
     	end tell
     end tell

    end repeat
    end tell

Would it be useful to link that to an Alfred file search?

I do use launchbar and perhaps would be useful to take a file from there and send it to this script… and similarly for Alfred. In fact, being able to do this in PathFinder would be useful too.