Script to generate a notification if perspective contains any tasks

Could a script be written and configured to:

  • at a set time each day
  • check to see if a particular perspective contains any tasks
  • and if so, generate a system notification, preferably that I see on both Mac and iPhone, or alternatively send me an iMessage
    I’ve not written any scripts, so starting from scratch here.

I’ve been able to get most of the way there by creating a Siri Shortcut Automation on iPhone configured to run at a set time Mon-Fri, open the perspective, and then vibrate. No script necessary. The only con is that it opens the perspective even if contains no tasks.

Question: Can Shortcuts run an OmniFocus plugin? Perhaps by opening a URL? That might get you all the way there.

Of course.

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And the good thing about this use case is it doesn’t require the user to worry about selecting items - whether projects or tasks - and then run the Shortcut.

Sounds like it should fly.

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