Scripts for transforming ibook/good reader annotations and notes to OO


I was wondering if any of you smart people on this forum had any suggestions for how I could refine my reading-workflow (and sorry for a long introduction to the scene I´m describing)

I´m a big time reader, usually I use iBooks or Goodreader for the reading, and I during my read I underline and write comments regarding the text I´m reading. For underlines and notes in iBooks I use Digested to export the text to pdf, and in Goodreader I send my notations summary as an pdf to my email. These pdf:s I open in Pdfpen Pro for ocr:ing everything. So far so good.

From that I begin the long and time-consuming task of manually copying underlines and notes into Omni Outline, so I later could develop my ideas and thoughts in Scrivener or Mindnode with the end goal of having a mindmap of the books core ideas and my comments, that I annually review in OF, and not to forget all exercises from the books that I would like to have in OF as a project or a template.

Is there any way to automate the part of manually copying the annotations and comments with a script, or something similar that make this process faster? How are you guys get your annotations into OO?

Thank you in advance
Kindest regards Gus

After some fiddling during the day I think the far most easy way to accomplish what I want, is to do the underline and comments in Goodreader/iBooks as I described above, export to pdf, open the pdf-file in Pdfpen pro and export the text as .rtf or .txt, open that file in omnioutliner or Mindnode and structuring the notes until I´m happy, then I have some kind of frame for developing my ideas further before I export everything to OF or Scrivener.

I hope this make sense and can help anyone else

Thanks for sharing. I regularly have some PDFs that need to be transferred to OmniOutliner so that I can integrate their material in my lectures. A lot of grunt work to (de)indent, combine lines, etc. On the other hand, I get to know my notes well!

Hello TheWart! I agree, that´s the good part about working a lot with the notes. In my case I did not make mindmaps or outlines from my annotations, they just sat in a someday/maybe-folder since it was to much resistance against the task, so I procrastinate.

Usually I mindmap books and articles, export them as a pdf and insert them to a template in OF that reminds me to read my mindmap annually and gives me a link to the article. I have found that it helps a lot and now I´m actually reminder the things I have read :)