Search for specific tag and see tasks under it

Is there a way through shortcuts to search for a specific tag and open it quickly

I do see the “Find tags” option, but ita not working for me

Im thinking this is very usefull while on the go

is anyone implementing this in some way.

Use the ‘Show in OmniFocus’ action, with first parameter ‘Tag’. The second parameter can be a tag chosen from the list, or the output of your ‘Find Tags’ action.

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Awsome, thank you very much!

It works now 👌

Maybe one more minor question

  • If there are two tags that have the same “search input” within its name it only displays one

Do you know if theres a way to make it ask for which one you ment?

The ‘Find Tags’ action returns a standard Shortcuts list object when there is more than one result, so try using a ‘Choose from List’ action inside an ‘If’ block that checks the ‘Count’ of the list items.