Search from Sidebar is Not Useful

When I search using the top of the sidebar, I get the list of finds, but when I click on it, it simply displays the entire Note, at the top, with the entire thing shaded. The word I searched for is not highlighted and, if it’s far enough down, not even on the screen. With OO3, if I double-click the find in the sidebar, it unshadows the note and highlights the word, which is irritating to have to do, but then redraw is so messed up with OO3 that the text just compresses and then stretches itself out into streaks (El Cap, 2012 MBA). OO4 doesn’t even go this far. It just opens the Note, shadows the whole thing, and then that’s it. No highlight, no polite move to display the section of text that even has the word. The Find dialog works, but it doesn’t show how many instances you’ve found, which the sidebar does.


Hi Joniz. I’m no expert in OO, but here goes with a few comments in case they help:

Could it be that the items in your outline are each very long? Like more than one window’s height? That could account for the fact that when you select a found item in the sidebar, you can’t see the whole item, hence the search argument could be hidden from view.

Yeah. It is highlighted in the sidebar but it would be most useful if it was also highlited in the item itself…

Personally, I do not use the “Find” at all; it’s pretty useless and works just like the Find used to work in MacWrite. MacWrite, not MacWrite II. In 1986. Although I must say some people may use it for the Replace and Replace All functions…

You could send an email to the team to have them consider the way you would like to see the Search work.