Search should invoke the iOS keyboard directly

This may be a super-nitpick, but when you tap the search icon in the home screen, it brings up a search screen, in which you then tap into the search text entry field to invoke the keyboard and type your search. The only other functionality in the search screen is to choose between Remaining and Everything, but you can do that whether or not the keyboard is active. So, I’m wondering why it can’t just bring up the keyboard immediately after tapping on the search icon, why the need for the second tap? Am I missing something?


Hey @Matt78! Good question. The search screen in OmniFocus is supposed to remember the keyboard state (shown or hidden) from the last time you were on that screen.

If that’s not happening for you, it might be a bug! If you haven’t already, could you write in to support describing this issue? Thanks for using OmniFocus!

Thanks, I did so. I don’t see that it remembers the keyboard state – it always seems to work the same way for me.

It doesn’t bring up the keyboard automatically for me either - good call @Matt78

I emailed them a bug report – hopefully it will be fixed at some point.

I just emailed them a bug report too - fingers crossed…

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