Searching for an Email app to use the new extension with


I wa really exited when I heard about iOs8 and the possibilities of extensions and even more, when the extension for OF came along.

Unfortunatly the is missing the “open in” dialog and so no extension (inkluding OF) cant’t be used.

I know there is MailDropand it works, but I would prefere to be able to create a todo local instead of “sending it throw the internet”, thats why I’m looking for a for iOS in which extensions can be used.

My search so far came up with no results- does probaböy anyone else have found one?

Dispatch is your app.

thx for the quick respond which let me realize, that I forgot to mention that I need exchange support ;-)

but thx anyway

As Dispatch is iPhone and IMAP only, I second the request for an Email app available for iPad and supporting exchange accounts which is capable of using the the extension to forward a mail to OF.

Hi, did anyone find an alternative to Mail that supports both the OF extension and Exchange? I’m trying out CloudMagic, which does, and it has some nice features… but also some major annoyances that I’m not convinced I can live with. So it would be good to hear of any other email clients for iOS that fit the OF extension/exchange supporting bill.


Dispatch works ok, but uses an older mechanism that calls up OF. Cloud Magic should work, but doesn’t pick up the email content correctly. As I recall, it stuffs the email into the item title instead of into the note. This is a problem specifically with OF; Cloud Magic works correctly with Things.

I send the feedback of Support from CloudMagic to Omnifocus Support for better integration, i also heard for iPad users there will be an Dispatch for iPad beta release coming up this Month.

Looking forward because Dispatch is more and more flexible than CloudMagic


Best workaround I found in the meantime, is connecting your exchange-server via Dispatch APP with IMAP, which should work unless your administrator ruled out this default option on the server. This way email inboxing from dispatch works pretty well (even with backlinks).