Seeing if action groups are set to sequential or parallel

I love the new icons for parallel and sequential. And I love how they are set right there to the left of the project title. Perfect! However, I can not find such a visual clue for action groups. For this information I need to look at the inspector. What am I missing?

One way I found to work is to see if all actions in an action group are available (dark font) or if only the first one is and the following actions are greyed out. But this works only if you have view options set to “remaining” and there is more than one task in the action list. I would like to recognise the structure of my project independent of these settings.

Seeing at a glance how nested action groups function in relation to one another is key. In OF1 we could simply see the icon (parallel or sequential) in the main viewer. Please include those nice new icons also for action groups.

Thanks and greetings from Spain


totally agree, needs to be fixed