Select a context and add an action

In the iOS version of Omnifocus I can first select a context and then add an action that has that context associated with it. An example would be selecting my “Leave Work” context and then select add action “Buy gas”. The action 'Buy gas" is by default given the context of “Leave Work”. Is there a way to do that in Omnifocus 2 for Mac?

You can do that with OF2 for Mac. Select the Context on the left then select New Action (CMD+N).

Or right-click the Context and choose New Action

You can also select the context title in the main view and just hit return.

I can add an action if an action already exists with that context. If I select a context that is not associated already with an action, I can’t add an action. Anyone else experiencing this behavior?

I just created a new context: when I right-clicked, I got the New Action option in the drop-down

This does not work for me. When I click a Context on the left then press Enter, it creates a new Context.

If I click a Context on the left and press Enter, it creates a Context. If I click somewhere in the center column after selecting a context, Enter will create actions for me.

Hi Nick,

I can get it to work if I already have another action using that same context. When I don’t, I still get the add action option but when I click on it no action appears.

That looks like a bug - report it

Yes and I did. I’m assuming you are seeing the same behavior?

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Yes, and I’ve reported it

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