Select all rows at a particular level

Is it possible to select all rows of a certain level?

I would love to be able to select, for instance, all Level 3 rows in my document, then copy/paste them elsewhere.

It should be possible with AppleScript, if you have OmniOutliner Pro. I found this very clever script on the old forums that allows you to select rows on a number of criteria.

You’ll have to make one edit, to line 105, to this:

tell application id "com.omnigroup.OmniOutliner4"

Edit for posterity: there are multiple instances of this script calling “OmniOutliner Professional” that should be changed to refer to only “OmniOutliner”.

After playing with it a bit, I realised that when you paste the selected rows, children are still included. If that’s not your desire, the script can take the matching rows and put them into a new document. To change to that behaviour, edit line 10 to be true.

property pblnMAKE_FILTERED_COPY : true

Edit: It’s getting late. This also includes the children. Sorry.

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Thanks very much for your help.

Unfortunately at this stage, I don’t have the Pro version (haven’t needed the additional features to date).