Selecting all items in an action group; then toggling completion of all items on and off

  1. I have an action group (with a number of sub action groups) that I want to easily select all items in, i.e., I’d like to click on the parent and have all sub items highlighted. The method I’ve found with the least amount of effort is to select the top item, then shift-click the bottom one. I’m looking for a one-click method, if one exists.

Once all those items are highlighted, I’d like to be able to toggle on or off the completion status of all items. With all items selected and marked incomplete:

  • When I use the spacebar, it works to set every item incomplete, but pressing spacebar again only sets action items as complete.

  • Clicking on the completion circle of the parent toggles all items on. Then clicking on the parent item, only the parent item is set to incomplete.

  1. Apparently the way to to this is to use the spacebar to mark every item incomplete, and click on the parent item to mark every item as complete. Is the method to use?

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