Selection of a ‘window’ of time for pdf printing

I have read about filters and sorting by date, but this all doesn’t make it possible to view in a detailed way a project, it just filters tasks.
I would actually like to see all the tasks but in a zoom in mode, so that I don’t have to see a whole year of the project but just some months in zoom in a pdf.
Is this possible?

Thank you!

Do File, Print (rather than Export as PDF, which limits your choices)

In the dialog box that opens, at bottom right, there’s an area “Cropping” with “From” and “To” date boxes. Select the date range you want.
A little higher than that, on the right is a Zoom box - select a zoom % that fits your needs.
Make sure you have orientation as you want

Then, at bottom left, hit the arrow next to the PDF box to create your PDF file.

That should work

Thank you so much! It is exactly what I was looking for ;)

When I type into the cropping “from” and “to” boxes, nothing works. I type in the dates and it looks correct, but when I click the little calendar, suddenly it shows the very first date of the project.

No matter what dates I check, the page count stay the same. The cropped image slides left and right, but the scale of the project remains the same — from the first to the last date. I am not able to select a smaller range, such as this week only.

Can you please help?

This looks like it might be a bug to me - please report it to Omni support at

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