Selective Export of Selected Projects to Omnifocus Document

When I use the File | Export… menu, I get a choice of file formats to use. If I choose txt, csv, etc I get a file containing the currently selected project or tasks.

If I choose to export as an Omnifocus document (.ofocus), I get my entire database. Is this meant to happen?

What I really want to do is to be able to export a dormant project (to a Someday/Maybe folder) in Omnifocus format, and then import it at a later date when I decide to do it. Is this possible?

Hi there @odaiwai! I’m sorry, but it looks like at the moment, exporting to the OmniFocus database format only supports exporting your entire database.

As a workaround, you might export your whole database once and “trim” it down to just your Someday/Maybe folder. From that point on, if you open the second database in a new OmniFocus window, you can drag & drop projects and folders between windows.

I’m a little curious as to your workflow, though – for this kind of “dormant” project, lots of folks choose to use the On Hold status, which keeps the project in your database but doesn’t show it to you in views with the Available filter (like Contexts or some custom perspectives). Is there a reason you need this project out of your main database?

In any event, if a modified export is a feature you’d like, you can of course let us know via email. We’re always interested in hearing about new ways people use OmniFocus!

@tekl, thanks for your reply. I do use the “on-hold” status, but I tend to end up with a lot of small on-hold projects and these clutter up my review perspectives, but I don’t want to delete them.

Your suggestion of having a second database for the Someday/Maybe sounds good. I’ll give that workflow a trial for a bit.