Selective Export

Is there a way for the “Export…” feature to only export selected items? Am I missing something? Or is there an AppleScript someone has?

I’m trying to best utilize both Evernote and OmniFocus. I like to keep notes in OF related to progress on a specific task. However, when I meet 1 to 1 with my boss or staff, I like having an Evernote note of the conversation and updates of all the different tasks we talk about that day. Selecting a group of tasks from the Changed perspective is perfect, but the export is 145 pages of every changed task. I only want to export a short selected group. Ideas? Thanks!

Hi Mike–

I’m actually having the opposite issue–I want to grab everything all at once! :-)

I think that if you export while in a particular perspective, it will only export what is showing in that perspective. For example, when I’m in the Forecasts tab, only the things listed there export for me.

Hope that helps.