Semi-circle with text flowing around the outside of the curve


I’m a complete newbie with Omnigraffle so please excuse this simple question.

I’d like to put a piece of text wrapped around the top half of a circular graphic.

  • I’ve tried attaching text to a stencil of an adjustable wedge but I can’t seem to do it.
  • I’ve tried creating a semi-circle with the line tool but can’t for the life of me get it to form the semi-circle I need. Each point seems to know out of position the previous ones!

I can do it with two lines joined - but this makes placement of the text difficult.

I must be missing something. Is there a guide for producing a perfect semi-circle line!

Thanks for your help in advance! And again sorry for what I think must be a very simple question!


Actually what you are describing is an open feature request! In the current version, you make text follow a line and draw that line over the portion of the shape where you want the text. You could even group that line with the shape so you can move it as a unit later.

I achieved this using an Adjustable Wedge - works fine.