Send E-Mail Reminder from OF3?


With OF3 on iPad and iPhone I finally have another Setup running after an on/off usage of OF since 2012.

Only thing I am really missing is a workflow to get Email reminders send out of Tasks in OF3 when they are due. Any idea or integration which could do this please?

I’ve tried Workflow App but can’t find a trigger like this, same in ifttt or zapier.

On iOS, I can’t think of any way to do this without creating a lot of extra work for yourself.

At a push, you might be able to cobble together a system using a Mac.

Is an email really necessary? Could you use notifications (not just due time, but before due) and a more thorough review process (daily and weekly) to make sure you’re not missing deadlines?

Sure, the notifications are working and maybe I can add some more. It’s just really convenient to receive Emails into my personal and work inbox. Just makes sure that during the day there are several locations where I can see them to not lose track.