Sequential Tasks Repeating

Wasn’t sure how to title this request.

I want to setup a project with sequential tasks with the following:
Backwash the pool and replace DE every month.
Set defer date and next 1 month repeat based on completion date.
Every 6th time, teardown the DE filter.
Repeat next 6 months

This sounded simple, but can’t seem to figure out the best method.

I thought about setting up 2 separate tasks but they will get out of sync.
So far this is my closet option to repeat Backwash every month and
a parallel task to Teardown every 6 months
Even though the tasks are related, I will need to manage them separately.

any suggestions?

You could set up a separate countdown project that is bookmarked from your backwash project.

Your backwash project would contain all the usual sequential steps, and then the final step would be an action to “mark off this month from countdown.” This action would have a link in the notes section to a separate countdown project.

The countdown project would have a task for each of the five months and a reminder to teardown on the sixth month. If it were me, I’d make this an action group, add a task at the end to remind me to refresh the countdown, and put the action group on hold. Then I’d duplicate it and take the copy off hold.

Now you’d have a countdown project that will remind you to do the teardown every six months. You just have to duplicate the on-hold template to start the next countdown.

Not sure if that’s better than your way, but it makes it easier to remember to do it by connecting the projects with a bookmark.

Here’s how I understand your problem:

You want to tear down the DE filter every 6 months.
You want to backwash the pool and replace DE every month.
For some reason, you want OF to place the two tasks in sequence for you.

Just set the tasks to repeat, as above, and set the first due date to the same date. After that, it’s a matter of routine Project maintenance.

Here’s a screen of a simple approach that takes advantage of OF’s visual approach to planning:

OF Screenshot of Pool Maintenance Project.pdf (22.8 KB)

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