Serveral bugs within OF3

There are things I like about OF3 (rearrange via drag & drop) and there are others I don‘t like or need (tasks need more space on the display, multiple tags - I just don‘t need them).

I could get used to it, but what I really struggle with is that OF3 seems to slow down the longer I use it.

  • If I rearrange tasks via drag & drop OF3 needs more and more time to display the changes. It‘s noticable after a couple of days without reboot of the App or the iPad. If it really get‘s worse d&d doesn‘t even seem to work at all. The dragged item jumps back to its previous position and I have to tap the clean-up icon to see the changes.
  • Items that become available stay greyed out or do not appear, again the clean-up button makes the changes visible.
  • OF3 at some time get‘s so slow, that keyboard shortcuts do not work anymore
  • Adding items to the inbox doesn‘t work anymore, using the little icon down on the right.

All those issues can be solved by killing the App and restarting it. But only temporarily.

Anyone else having those issues?


Make sure you email this in to support (, along with which device you’re using it on.

I have to say, I’ve not personally experienced the issues you are seeing, but I am running an iPad Pro which may be the difference. Make sure you’re running the latest version in the App Store too! 😉

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Nope. I suggest getting in touch with @SupportHumans via email or phone. They are awesome!

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Thanks for your replies. I know I should get in touch with the support people, I just wanted to check if someone else sees the same behaviour.

@rosemary: I also use an iPad Pro and the latest version of OF3

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Have you set the general option „Clean up after changing views?“.
Much of what you described would be a feature, then. Not a bug.
Try setting OF3 to „Clean up immediately“.

Having said that, yes OF3 still has bugs that slow it down or disable buttons. I noticed that, too. Fixed by restarting. I did hand in a bug report, do the same.

Thanks CGHMartini for your hint. I‘ve set the preferences for immediate clean up. Furthermore it works quite well for some time after killing and rebooting the app without changing the settings.
I guess the best idea is to open an ticket with the support, as you suggested.

We’d love to get your experience filed as a bug report for the team! You can email, as Rose and Edi mentioned above. If you have the opportunity to include a screen recording that shows the issue, that would be very helpful. Otherwise, linking to this thread, and perhaps giving us some specific steps to follow to try to recreate the behavior on our end, would be appreciated. Thanks so much for your patience and willingness to communicate with us!


I did file a bug report with a screenrecoring. I hope that helps to track down the issue.

I have the same inability to add a new inbox item. Running version 3.0.5 on an iPad Pro (iOS 11.4).

I occasionally see the drag and drop problem; in fact, I had OF 3 crash on me today as a result.

The new version has many more bugs than I expected.

Is the App also working normal for a time after killing and restarting it?
Furthermore I‘d be good if you could file a report at omni so they get aware of it and see that several people are facing the problem.

I reported the inbox bug to Omni.

I haven’t tested if force-closing an app will fix it because I just started using OF3.

Using OF3 Pro with iPad Air 2 (IOS 12).
Experiencing freezes while working with all my custom perspectives:

  • Paused (all projects “On Hold”)
  • Finished (all projects “Completed”)
    Cannot easily expand projects, freezes for 15-20 seconds.

Never happened in OF2 .

No attachments, database is small (10.7 MB).

Is it a bug or what???
Just impossible to use the App.

Hi ildar,

As many other commenters earlier in this thread have mentioned, we would kindly ask you to submit bug reports to us via email. Our user forum is a great place for sharing questions and discussing workflows with our community, but if you’re having a problem with our software, the best way for us to investigate issues and provide technical assistance would be for you to send in your bug report via email. Our address is, or you can use Help > Contact Omni from within any of our apps to provide feedback or bug reports.

Thank you!