Set due today in one click


I have the following routine (since years) :

  • I braindump all my ideas in the inbox (the one I know I will do today are set with the due today)
  • I review my inbox often during the day and have to promote some task to be done today (left over from other days or ideas never dated)
  • I have a today perspective to filter those + all the today from all my projects
  • I then flag 3 (& only 3) tasks
  • I use the flagged perspective to focus on what I have todo now
  • when the flagged list is empty I go back to the today’s view & pick 3 new task to flag

I love the ‘instant’ flagging by clicking on the top right side of the circle

I would love to do the same with “due today” by clicking on the botton right for example



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for the life of me why can’t I see how to create a perspective that shows only TODAY items and not overdue?

I can’t figure out how to do due Today but not Tomorrow. The only choice seems be due in the next 24 hours which is not the same as due today.

Not exactly one click, but use command or shift to select multiple, and then use the inspector to change the due date to today.