Set focus to first item in current perspective

Hey guys,

I aim to use keyboard shortcuts to do my daily (morning) planning, which mainly involves a) adding the selected task to one out of 4 contexts and b) flag the tasks I want to achieve today.

I have 4 scripts that already add the task to the contexts, but when I use one of them, I have to use the “up” arrow a few dozen times to get back to the next item (which is on top of the current perspective showing all available tasks).

Question: Is there a way to tell Omnifocus to select the first item of the current perspective after it added the previously selected item to a context?

Thanks a lot in advance!

In OmniFocus for Mac, you could press ⌥⌘2 to “Go to Outline” (i.e. change the keyboard focus to the outline). If nothing is selected in the outline, pressing the ↓ (down arrow key) will select the first item in the outline.

Additionally, you can press ⌥⌘↑ to select the first item in the outline and ⌥⌘↓ to select the last item in the outline.

I hope this helps!


Thanks, that helped!

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You’re very welcome, @riseup. Good to hear this was helpful!

p.s. If you want to make this even more convenient, you could use Keyboard Maestro to combine multiple keystrokes.