Set Level Styles for part of document?

Is there any way to set Level Styles for only one portion of a document? For instance, when I use View:Focus to display one section, I applied certain Level Styles to that section but when I unfocussed the view, those styles were applied to all the sections of my outline (which I didn’t want).

Any way to do this? Or do I have to do it manually?

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Level Styles are applied to levels across your entire document, there’s no way currently to specify different sets of level styles to defined sections of your document as you describe, sorry. I’ll add your interest in this capability to the open feature request for this in our development database. Thanks for letting us know that’d be helpful for your workflow.

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Thanks for the reply on this Aaron. I too would really like this feature.

Perhaps an example of when this would be helpful. I often want one off ordered lists. i.e. I want Section 2 to contain a numbered list. (in a template like: Modern with Level Styles).

The inability to insert ordered lists without apply that style to the entire document seems like it would be a fairly standard feature.

Thanks for an otherwise excellent product.