Set the project for a task

How do you set the project of an existing task? I’ve tried the following:

tell application "OmniFocus"
	set myTask to last inbox task of default document
	set proj to flattened project named "Work Misc" of default document
	move myTask to root task of proj
end tell

However, I get the error "OmniFocus got an error: Replacement not supported currently, please log a feature request if you need this.".

I’ve got it working. For anyone following at home, it was:

move myTask to end of tasks of proj

Of course, since I’m actually using Scripting Bridge, it doesn’t seem possible to do that from Cocoa. There’s no “move to end of” construct. So I had to drop down to AppleScriptObjC yet again. Oh joy.



Does -[SBElementArray addObject:] not translate to “at the end of”?

Seemingly not. There’s a private method positionAfter that apparently does the job. I will be filing a radar :)