Setting a default context for new actions?

I use OmniFocus mostly for work-related actions. So, virtually all new actions should be set with the “Office” context.

It’s a pain to switch to “Office” context view and potentially be missing actions I need to do since I forgot to assign the context. To avoid this, I’d love to have all new actions be set to “office” unless I pick a different one.

If that isn’t possible, IMO there should be a setting for actions, when added to a project, take on the context of the project. I have a work project (office context) with a couple of groups of actions, but when I switch to office context view I see no actions – unless I go and set them all.

As for a universal default context, no, that’s not possible to my knowledge, likely because it could result in misplaced actions, similar to what you’ve described.

But for projects, what you describe is the current behaviour. If a project (or action group) has a context set, actions created within it will be assigned its context by default.

This is easily observed when adding an action within the project view. However, upon assigning a project to an inbox item, it will not immediately take on the context, though it will do upon invoking ‘Clean Up’ or changing views.

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