Setting a perspective for a folder with different rules per projects

Hi, Omnifocus users.

I’m trying to set a unique perspective for a specific folder with different rules for its different projets.
But i don’t really get the logic of the hierarchical levels of the rules, maybe the way they are visually “outlined”.

I finally (!) succeed to do that for a set of three projects, as I wanted:


Now i’m trying to add, to this same perspective, different rules for three other projects (still in the same folder of course).
No way to succeed. I don’t see where to put the next level of indentation, i don’t see how the “option + clic” acts, maybe, or how the “tree” works.

When i add a new line for the three other projets, if i click on “choose” (“Choisir”!) and select three other projects,


the perspective clears itself completely.

I guess it must be easy but i’m not a very logical guy, probably !
I would be happy if someone could help me ! :)

Ok. As the same item can’t be in two different folders, i have to choose “ANY” at the beginning :


They appear in my perspective.

But now, how can i add (different) rules for each of these two folders ?!

Good news: I think you’re on the right track! Add additional groups for each of the folders to include and associated rules, similar to this:

		In folder: folder 1
		(Other rules)
		In folder: folder 2
		(Other rules)

I don’t have a Mac nearby, but on iOS it would look like this:


Hi nostodnayr
thank you very much, it worked ! I was missing the “All” + “All”.
Indeed, i don’t know exactly why, but i found it easier to understand and to rebuild the process with the iOS version.
Thank you for taking the time to help me, so much appreciated !

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