Setting a perspective that shows only one next task

I would like to somehow set up a perspective that will contain all my tasks for the day, but only show them one at a time, such as the view option “first available” for projects.

I think there is a psychological benefit to only seeing one option for what to do next, so I don’t keep choosing the easiest options.

The only thing I can think to do is move all my tasks for the day to a project, then use the first available view option.

But I wonder if there is a more elegant solution?

You might find useful which helps people focus on one thing at a time. ( has a feature called Task Bar which reads from your OmniFocus and displays your topmost task on the desktop. It has a built-in timer, a pause button, completion celebration animations, and other attention-grabbing features.

You can also simply drag tasks from OmniFocus to when you need additional concentration. When your OmniFocus task has a time estimate, the Minus Task Bar will read that too and start the timer automatically.

I am one of the creators of Minus. Here to help people focus.

Thank you. Daniel

Hi Daniel,

That looks very interesting!! Thanks for the suggestion.



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