Setting Defer and Due Dates Bug on Omnifocus MAC

Hi There,

I was wondering if someone can walk me on how to set defer and due dates for items using the inspector. Whenever, I try to set a defer and due date by filling in the textbox. It seems not assign the dates I want to the task. I followed the guide video, but it seems to not work. Is this a bug?

We’ll need more detail. I actually don’t use the inspector, but the defer and due date fields in the task itself. If I were to type Tuesday 9am, it will set it to 2022-02-08 09:00 (local time). For the Inspector, I tend to use the drop-down calendar or “+1 day”, etc.

Perhaps it is conflict between region setting and date format?

I use the Inspector all the time. Entering dates in different formats work for me.

I agree with altadel. Post some specific examples of what you’re doing and what the result is. In your case, you’re not incurring an error; you’re getting the wrong date as the result. More information and details is needed before anyone can guess what the cause of the problem might be.

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