Setting defer dates and due dates in OF2

I just upgraded to Omnifocus 2, and Ive been very happy with it so far. One thing that I noticed, that when I am setting a defer date or a due date, I seem to have to type the date in.

If I recall correctly, there used to be a small visual calendar that made it very easy to set up the date. Is it possible to get such calendar also in Omnifocus 2 for setting the dates, or do I always have to type the dates in?

The mini calendar is present in the righthand inspector panel. Unfortunately, the mini calendar isn’t present in the main task outline panel. Send feedback to OmniFocus through the menu bar: Help > Contact Omni to send your vote. Hopefully we’ll see this sooner rather than later.

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Also adding a ‘Today’ button into the calendar view would be very useful. It is quite painfult o flip thru all the calendar pages when you have dates that have been set in the distant future for example. It would be very handy if we could just push Today and +1 for example and the distant date is set to tomorrow in just two clicks.

don’t forget that you can just type 1d into the date field to get tomorrow.

Thanks for that tip, I didn’t know it and it works perfectly!

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Date entry is fairly smart. you can type ‘1w’ for 1 week, tomorrow, sunday, etc. You’ll probably have to experiment to see what else works.

OmniFocus 2’s date entry isn’t as sophisticated as Fantastical but it does it right most of the time.

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