Setting Due Date/Flag/Tags via MailDrop to OF

Is there any way to set any of these items when emailing a task to OF via the Maildrop address?

It would be particualry helpful to be able to set a due date or a flag.

In Evernote for example, you can some similar things using extensions to the subject title:

Before you send an email into Evernote, you can add special characters at the end of your subject line to specify which notebook you’d like to save it to, which tags you’d like to use, and any reminders you’d like to add to the note:

  • !Reminder: Use the exclamation point (!) to set a reminder. To add an alarm to the reminder, add the word tomorrow, or a date with numeric year, month, day separated by slashes. For example: !, !tomorrow, !2013/06/24
  • @Notebook: Notes will go into your default notebook unless you specify one using the at (@) symbol and notebook name, such as @travel. You do not need quotes if you have a space in the notebook title. For example, you would write @International Travel or @My Notebook.
  • #Tag: Add tags using the pound or hashtag (#) symbol, such as #manchester #england

not yet! Send an e-mail to to let them know you want this feature. The more votes, the higher up the development stage it goes.


I have used this extensively in Evernote. Especially tags. Quite useful!