Setting up a repeating task that repeats "until"

I frequently want to set up a task that repeats daily for a week or two and then I want he repeating to stop when I hit the last due date and mark the task as completed. This would be similar to the way you set up a repeating event on Mac Calendar and indicate a termination date for the repeating event.

I don’t see a way to do this. Seems like an obvious feature to have for repeating tasks.


You can create a separate task titled “Delete repeating task”. Set a defer and due date to the final end date. When this task pops up in your list of available tasks or in your Forecast perspective, proceed to delete.

You can also send an email to to add your vote to this feature request.

they did indicate they would put this on their list of feature requests. I think your workaround shows why it is needed. I mean, creating a task to remind you to terminate a task? lame!

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Better to take care of the “repeat until” now with different workflows (as described above) until it is finally fixed.

In the meantime, email a feature request in to help it along.

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I and others have been requesting this feature for years. It seems like such a basic thing so it’s baffling that it still hasn’t been implemented.

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