Setups for getting things out of sight until appropriate

I am a bit confused on the many options in OF to put things out of sight until appropriate:

  • On Hold Context

  • On hold project status

  • On Hold project (SAL)

  • Defer projects and tasks

  • Waiting for" contexts and / or projects

  • Someday / Maybe projects and contexts

  • (… I don´´t know how to put a single task ‘on hold’, though…)

I guess all can be used to setup your GTD ‘Someday/Maybe’ and ‘Waiting For’ lists

I love the flexibility and absolutely buy that each of us should find the workflow that fits our needs, but could use some help in what use for what purpose, or what differences in workflow each one requires.

  • For instance, if I know exactly when I do want to see that task again, the simplest setup would de Defer dates.

  • If I only want to see it in the GTD review, it could be an on hold project, on hold context, or someday / maybe (i guess either one is out of sight except at GTD review, though they portrait different stauses, and maybe different review frequencies?)

Anyone with a clearer mind than I have want to share their view / setups on this? My approach is ¿when do I want to see this again?

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Great topic.

For me, I found it valuable to personally define what I use each of these for and what my rules are about them. A few things I do:

  • On Hold Projects: these are projects I do not want to be actively reminded of during my week. I manually set this state and then reconsider it weekly.
  • On Hold Contexts/Tags: I never assign these to projects, only to actions. I currently only have two tags that are in this status: Someday/Maybe (for reflection as part of a perspective) and Reference (non-actionable tidbits that I like to keep in projects to refer to)
  • Defer Dates: I use these religiously, and it keeps things away from my active view until a prescribed/preset time that doesn’t depend on weekly review (like on hold projects do for me). I will set this on actions or projects, though they may also have my Forecast tag, a flag, or a due date, depending on how I want them to show up when the defer date is reached.
  • Waiting For: unlike many others, I have found it better to have my Waiting On/For tags be available and not on hold, allowing me to flag them or make them due without the on hold status interfering.

I am very interested in others’ uses here, too.



Thanks, Scotty. Understood and appreciated.