Share extension added items don’t show up until launch OmniFocus

Hi forum,

This has been bothering me for a long while so I finally decided to register an account and start a discussion. Hope more people can weigh in.

So when adding items to OmniFocus via share sheet, it seems those items are not actually added to OmniFocus until the app is launched (on the same device the items are added).

This scenario keeps happening to me:

Add couple items to OF via share sheet on my phone -> switch to Mac -> want to process the items added from the phone -> bring up OmniFocus on Mac -> oops none of those items are there -> unlock iPhone -> launch OmniFocus

Appreciate any workaround (I’m thinking dropping share extension in favor of mail drop but it seems going against the wheel of time…)

This is indeed a limitation of the current release — items created via the share extension on iOS are not immediately incorporated into OmniFocus.

We hope to remove this limitation in an upcoming release of OmniFocus for iOS.


@jimcorreia Thank you Jim – this is fantastic news! I believe this will make many of us so happy.

BTW, should I also send in a feature request email or it’s already something quite on top of your list?

In this case, additional feature requests or votes are unnecessary.


Wonderful. Thanks again @jimcorreia!