Share your OmniPlan workflow

I watched all the tutorials, read many posts here and many articles. Unfortunately there is not much of “how other people use OmniPlan.”

Everyone has his/her own workflow. I would want to become more efficient with OmniPlan and it would be nice if amazing people on this forum would share some of the wisdom and experience with OmniPlan novices like myself.

Personally, I use OmniPlan mostly for school. I have projects like EXAM 2, which are smaller projects, and projects which are PhD, which is a few year plan.

Occasionally, I use OP for projects like a pre-production of a commercial.

My workflow is very basic and I have a lot of trouble with rescheduling things. Basically I waste time, because moving one thing, requires me to move all the other things.

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Hi, likewise here too, new and decided to go all in it’s omniplan to help me manage team task. So far starting small by assigning a few task to individuals.

I run the chemistry department in a hospital laboratory plus extra management duties.

I have new lots of reagents arrive once a month, and staff have to perform Lot to Lot studies on them. I try to to give two or three task to each one in a group of four people. I ended creating individual calendars for each one and listing the days they work in the chemistry department. Then proceeded to subscribe to their calendars in omniplan. It so far as work more or less to where I can print the task assignments and i can see omniplan lay out a completion date as it displays tasks assign base on their work days. It’s not perfect yet but it gives me a start.

Maybe someone else has a better implementation to a similar scenario.