Sharing a note to OmniFocus from Why does "Share" have no info but Services does?


I take notes in Notes on macOS. And I like to take specific actions from the notes and create tasks for them in OmniFocus.

But if I select the text in a note and use the sharing option in macOS, all I get in OF is the text. No link, no nothing. However, if I use services, I get a link that I can use to refer back to the note.

Why the discrepancy? I know that services have been around since the early (earliest?) days of OS X and Omni always supported them, but for the last few macOS releases sharing extensions have been introduced and in many ways are a better way to do it. I also know it IS possible to share a link with a sharing extension, because if I share a note to Reminders from Notes, I get a Notes icon in the task, and if I click that in a Reminder, I’m taken to the EXACT section in the note that I shared.

Is this something that could be implemented at some point?

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what services action do you use to get a link to the specific note? i thought apple notes doesn’t support link to the notes.

I’m not using a service to link to a specific note. Here’s what I’m doing:

  1. Selecting text in a note
  2. Right clicking on the selected text and clicking “share…” and choosing Reminders
  3. A new Reminder is created with the selected text in the notes portion

If I go to Reminders and click the Notes icon, I will be immediately taken to the selected text in the note. It’s quite handy; I wish OF worked the same way.

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I’m upping this subject, i’d be very happy for such an implement !

Anyone else to support this ? :-)