Sharing features via Omni Sync service? (Solution + ROI suggestion)

I’ve just today discovered that OmniFocus 2 (OF2) does NOT STILL offer any sharing features! This is in mine opinion, and apparently many other OF-users to, a MUST HAVE feature for Mac software in 2015!

More OF2 discussion on this matter can be found here: Sharing Tasks with Co-Workers

Suggested solution (simplyfied):
It seems to me that it would be a relative easy task to use the already existing Omni Synservice to solve this***. It already syncs OF data between Mac and iOS devices.

It would be a small task for the Omni Devs to add syncing between users IF they implemented the rule of “last change rules” regardless of who the user is. Just keep it simple, this would be enough for most of us for a quick “Sharing solution” for now.

ROI (simplyfied) - Return On Investment
It would also be easy to create an online account service where we (OF-users) simply pay a couple of bucks per user and year, that we want to add to our syncing. One master account that “rules” and “invites” the others (much like Apples or Spotify’s “Family sharing”. Again keep it simple, this would work for now and surely make MANY users happy.

After doing this for OF2, the OmniGroup could off course continue and offers this to all of there users.

Can I get a “+1” from anyone on this?

*** I suspect Omnigroup themselves already do this internally?


Agreed. I don’t think they have any plans to offer sharing or collaboration. Very disappointed to read in their plans for 2015 and find no plan to add some type of sharing or collaboration feature to OmniFocus. This seems an easy decision, even if it’s the ability to email a project’s tasks to co-workers. I’m disappointed that collaboration and sharing wasn’t mentioned in the 2015 plans, indicating that they’ve decided not to go that direction, or it’s just not a priority.
Kevin Carlisle

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I suggest using (browser & mobile app) if you want a similar app, with collaboration.

In some ways is much more powerful than OF.

e.g., has zoom/hoist, simple move/relocate operations anywhere in the tree, easy bulk cut/paste, easy multi-line paste, real-time collaboration, and all the agenda/forecast view features, and more.

Also note that workflowy is another browser & mobile solution (that actually seems to have inspired has all of the above, plus more powerful nested node sharing/collaboration. However, workflowy doesn’t have the agenda/forecast view.

I really wish that OF had all of the aforementioned features.

I only started using OF again recently because google drive APIs are blocked on the company firewall, and so I can’t use