Sharing HTML Report Designs

I’m just now starting to use OmniPlan and I’m loving it!

I am finding that I want to customize the HTML reports, which is easy enough.

However, I’d like to create custom HTML designs which maybe could be shared with others in the OmniPlan community. Does such a repository of designs already exist?

@chrisagiddings I’m glad to hear that OmniPlan is working out well for you so far! A repository for customized HTML report templates does not currently exist - I’ll let the appropriate folks know you’d find that useful though! For the time being, you’re welcome to share report templates via a forum thread if you’d like to do so.

I kind of feel the HTML report designs are similar to stencils in that customization and sharing community could be a powerful killer feature.

Understanding how to make the most of report designs using HTML/CSS and any custom variables which can be used in templates is a huge first step.

I may whip something up for the community to use. Would I be able to get legal permission to use the Omni name and OmniPlan product name on any such site as long as I indicate the site is not directly affiliated with Omni, and that any report templates could be broken with future OmniPlan updates?

It’s not really a knock on Omni, but I rarely visit forums for assistance unless I’m kinda desperate. It takes time to read through threads (young or old) to find the answers I’m looking for and I risk asking potentially common questions and contributing to a signal-to-noise issue if I don’t do the spelunking before asking.

I’m not 100% sure how this works, but if you send an email to, someone who has more knowledge about this sort of thing than I do should be able to answer this question for you!

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