Sharing lists of actions or complete folders

Is there a possibility to share a whole list of tasks, for example a project group or a folder? I could only find the possibility to share single actions via mail. If I have a project with twenty or so actions, do I really have to send twenty mails to my colleagues to inform them about the issue?

What I tried doing is to create a perspective showing the tasks I want delegated and then select File > Export as simple HTML.

I’ve also command-clicked to select various tasks then hit Command-C to copy to the clipboard.

I suppose this will work on the Mac, but not with the iPad.

doh. sorry. forgot this was the iPad forum.

Sharing projects & folders is a very useful feature , I really vote for it.
But just “sending actions” is not enough.

I will describe a real sharing in this scenario:

  • I have a folder ‘Housekeeping’;
  • there are 15 projects in this folder;
  • I shared 2 projects - “Cleaning floors” & “Cleaning windows” with my wife (she is an OF user too), with “mark actions as done or undone” permissions and without “mark projects as completed or incompleted” permissions;
  • then my wife & me can solve tasks together - both of us can mark actions “done”;
  • the wife cannot edit actions, cannot edit projects, cannot change status of projects etc;
  • If any of us change something, another person is informed.
    Well, like that…

Any news on this?
Would be a very useful feature