Sharing/Team GTD

My wife and I would like to start using OmniFocus or another tool to implement GTD. We have some projects that we share: our home life, of course, and we run a small business together. We also have our own personal projects. Is there a way to set up OmniFocus so that we can share/sync everything over four devices but still have some projects or folders kept private?

For example, we could set up four folders: Me, Her, Business, Home. The “Me” and “Her” personal folders don’t have to be completely private, they just need to not get in the way when searching for actions. I’d like to be able to find actions in the “Me”, “Business”, and “Home” folders without having “Her” projects included.

Has anyone tried this? Any advice?

You can share the same single database but I don’t think that it is possible to mix and match databases, or any part thereof.Other apps cater for this need.

Is there no way with Perspectives or Focus to view only some folders and ignore the rest? I think it’s fine if we share everything, as long as there is a way to filter out some Folders most of the time.

Which other apps do you think might be better for sharing?

Thanks again.

Yes you can drill down to any particular folder with careful use of the sidebar selection (you select any number of projects to appear in a new perspective which I use frequently);
and you can really focus with the appropriately named focus setting contained in perspective settings as well. Does this help?

I’ll experiment with those. Thanks!

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