Shift tasks with 1 hour

I have set up several tasks for today. Now something has come up, so I can’t finish my tasks at the times I set. Is there a way to easily select all tasks and set the due date/time one hour ahead, without going through all the tasks and manually reset the time of each individual task?

It sounds like those deadlines aren’t real deadlines, and then maybe shouldn’t have due dates. But if you’re satisfied with working that way, you could select all the tasks you would like to postpone, and then in the Inspector’s due field write ”1h”.

Wouldn’t that just set the deadline as an hour from when Steven changes it, instead of adding an hour to each of the deadlines?

Yes, it would. I thought that was what he wanted when he couldn’t finish his tasks in time, but I might have misunderstood the problem.

I tend to agree with the “they probably should not have due times set”. They are either due or not, if they are due then they become overdue if not completed.

Overdue is not bad, so if you are content working that way just leave them as overdue and then get the done when you can. I tend to subscribe to the “use due dates sparingly” school. Only use if there are consequences if not done (submit tax return before deadline for example) otherwise IMO use defer dates

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To clarify my scenario:
I have 3 tasks for today. One due at 10:00 , the second at 11:00 and the third at 13:00. And a meeting at 9:00. Now I get a message that the meeting is postponed by 1 hour. So I want the reminders for the three tasks to shift with 1 hour, all at once.

If I select all tasks and type ‘1h’ in the due field, all tasks are offset 1 day from the last task and are all set to the current time. So if one of the tasks is due tomorrow, all due dates/times are set to the day after tomorrow at the current time.

Also the following occurs: if I select one task and click on ‘+ 1d’, it wil set the due date to the original due date + 1 day at the same time. If I select multiple tasks and click om ‘+1d’ it will set all tasks to tomorrow at 17:00, no matter if the tasks are in the past or in the future.

Are these task due at these times or do you have notifications set for these times? Either should be editable with an Omni Automation script though.

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