's "Add to Omnifocus" action no longer respects "Edit in Omnifocus" option

No matter what is checked, it always takes you to the new task screen in OmniFocus. Is that a bug? It seemed to happen fairly recently.


Same here and it is very annoying. I wonder if there is a fix???

I’ve submitted this as a bug myself and they responded saying that Apple provide that shortcut so they can’t fix it. They’ve submitted a but to apple, and also asked for “Context” to be retired in favour of “Tags”.

Can’t they just provide their own shortcuts? That’s strange Apple would try to do it for them. Don’t other apps provide their own?

For historical reasons some shortcut actions are provided by Apple - namely the ones that have been around for ages. Omni could offer their own to replace it but then you need a way to differentiate between the two in the action list which isn’t exactly user friendly.

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Dang. The price of being popular I guess!

Omni could add an “Add to OmniFocus V3” action I suppose.

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I noticed the latest OF iOS version added an extra shortcut to the app… so adding a new “add” seems possible?

Is there an official response to this? Are they talking with Apple?

I’ve heard in several places around the Internet that the Shortcuts team will be migrating their built in actions to ones from apps. However I also know that it you build a shortcut action then as a developer it’s difficult/impossible to update that action that is already in use (we saw this in the OF beta, there were breaking changes which required those of us using the actions to have to rebuild our shortcuts). I suspect Omni are doing a “wait and see” approach - or maybe they have insider knowledge!

Geez, that sounds like a clusterfu…dge. I suppose all we can do is wait and see with Omni. Thanks Rosemary!

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