Shortcut for Show Note not working


I wrote an email yesterday about the shortcut for showing notes not working in the latest MAS version.
Is it a known bug or is there anything I can do myself to fix it?
I am using notes and the shortcut a lot - so it’s a little annoying not having it.
Selecting Edit Notes from the menu works fine. Shortcuts for Edit Note and Show all notes are working just fine.
The odd thing is that when I click the shortcut for Show Note CMD-ALT-’, Edit in the menu bar gets highlighted and not view as should be expected.



It’s ok…no worries. Just added my own custom shortcut CTRL-Alt-Cmd-’ and that solved it.
I suspect it may be my non-US system and keyboard that’s behind it…

I have the same problem right now.

OmniOutliner 5.2 (v184.4 r300005

That’s really strange. Because with the new OF3, I no longer have the same problem.