Shortcut keys launch both OF2 AND OF1 even though OF1 has been deleted?

Has anyone else experienced this anomaly?

I will also email Support to address the issue.

did you have OF 1 in your trash? Did you do a “clean” uninstall? (deleting preference files etc)

Experienced it?: No. Not me.
Are you kidding?

Obviously its NOT deleted. You have a copy somewhere.
Command click on the top middle of the window bar, if & when OF1 launches & check the path to the application. Alternately, search for it in spotlight or with any other search utility on your machine.

The OF 2 update took out all the copies of OF 1 I had, even while I tried to keep OF 1 on the machine for comparison purposes. I do note that I have both OF 2.0 and the 2.1 update both on my machine. I had renamed & locked the original copy as OmniFocus Pro. The “OmniFocus” one updated properly.

If you couldn’t find the OF 1 copy, maybe you renamed it & have a different icon, in a backup, network location or external drive that wasn’t powered up at the time of update? At any rate you will see the indented path to its location

Hello there, I wish I was kidding.

OF1 has been securely deleted - I have looked for any and all files associated with OF1 and deleted them as well.

Once that was comlpete, if I try to capture a Clipping from a PDF in Preview - using the shortcut keys I defined - this is what happens:

You can see in the bottom of the screen capture I have a phantom OF1 floating beside the Preview App… This causes the system to hang.

You can also see that OF2 - at the top of the dock - is trying to launch to capture the Clipping but it appears OF1 tries to beat it to the chase.

Your thoughts?

As I said, OF1 has been securely deleted. Trash is empty.

No expert on this, so take it for what its worth.
I can’t replicate the condition with another copy of OmniFocus 2 & I no longer have OF1 on the same machine.

You said that OF1 was launching, but that description above doesn’t say that it is. It merely says that you have some kind of shortcut remaining in the dock which points to a [probably] nonexistent OF1. Something is still linked to OF1 & that’s probably why it hangs - the copy isn’t actually there. That’s my take.

Possibly there is a preference of some sort that specifically looks for OF1.
Or some utility that you’ve forgotten about which points to a specific location?

There are posts about Clip-O-Tron from mail & differences in the way clippings are handled (maybe due to the sandboxing of apps?)

Purely Freewheeling here: No warranties.
Is it possible that you have a log-in item for startup set, pointing to the old copy of OmniFocus.
How are you clipping: You have the clipping shortcut via the Apple keyboard shortcuts? Services?

Look in the keyboard shortcut list. I don’t think that’s very likely as a contributing factor, however.

The people most conversant with OF2 should be tech support & if you just upgraded, they would be there to help you. I can make some suggestions, but they may not always be in least invasive, to most invasive order & I don’t want to make things worse in the process.

Thank you @Hatter, this is helpful.[quote=“Hatter, post:6, topic:5996”]
You said that OF1 was launching, but that description above doesn’t say that it is. It merely says that you have some kind of shortcut remaining in the dock which points to a [probably] nonexistent OF1. Something is still linked to OF1 & that’s probably why it hangs - the copy isn’t actually there. That’s my take.

You are quite right. I realize now that it doesn’t mean OF1 is attempting to launch… I assumed this was the case, but it obviously can’t as OF1 has been eliminated from my Mac.

I have checked the Startup Set and don’t see anything other than the ever-present “iTunesHelper.”

Yes, the shortcut I created for the Clippings is “option-command-O” - there don’t seem to be any conflicts with other keyboard shortcuts…

I have added a screen shot of the Force Quit Application dialogue - looks like the little “clear-cube Lego piece” is the issue…

Noted though, when I try to even Force Quit the “Lego Piece” - I am denied.

It is frustrating as I am often reading research papers in PDF format and would love to be able to clip-on-the-fly.

Once again though, this does NOT happen with Safari.

Any more thoughts would be helpful.

If someone could provide a list of all files associated with OF1 and where I might find them in order to cleanly delete them, that would be great. I have been scouring my Mac looking for any last remnants.

Perhaps I have discovered a true bug in OF2?

PS. I find these discussion forums to be very helpful.

Should anyone want to replicate this issue, here are the steps.

You need to create a Clippings Keyboard Shortcut first, read the “Capture Methods” section in OF2 Help.

  1. Make sure OF2 is NOT launched*

  2. Open a PDF in Preview.

  3. Highlight some text in the PDF.

  4. Press your created Clippings Keyboard Shortcut and see what happens…

  • Remember, OF2 cannot already be launched.

I would love to hear if anyone can replicated this.

fwiw: I don’t get a “Clippings” choice in the list by default, only the OmniFocus 2: Send to Inbox

That works well.
This is no bug in OF2, its just a bad pointer.

Help (precisely where you pointed) said something about sandboxes versions (which would be the AppStore version) not allowing to set its own clipping service. Which simply means it becomes a manual process.

In the help pages:
> If you have more than one copy of OmniFocus installed, you may see duplicate copies of this service—one for each installed copy of OmniFocus. You may wish to uncheck the service associated with other copies to disable them so that you don’t accidentally send your clipping to the wrong copy of OmniFocus.

I think that’s the gist of my question - whether you had multiple & conflicting services
(not in those words, but in earlier post). The help says that it clips to Send to Inbox.

Do you have one that says OmniFocus 2: Send to Inbox ???

That’s your issue: You no longer have OF1, but you have a service & shortcut looking for OF1 specifically.
In fact, I had 3 “send to INBOX” on my machine, but only 1 was related to OF2.

btw, I thought my computer had OF1 eliminated (I had made several renamed copies in subfolders as backups).
And it turns out I DO retain a working copy of OF1 remaining on my machine. So you helped ME out! Beats working across 2 computers to compare OF1 & OF2 features.

I’m puzzled how you use OmniFocus in research paper clippings.
I would have expected other applications to be more convenient for this (albeit, not knowing what you are clipping).


I have realized that it clearly states in the Help Documentation that OF2 must be launched in order to take advantage of any of the Capture methods - Text Clipping Service, Keyboard shortcut, OR Quick Entry Panel

Perhaps I am trying to create a function where none was ever intended to be?

Interestingly though, all of the above will work with Safari when OF2 is NOT running.

So I am curious as to why this function works with Safari, and not with any other application?

Quite simply - I scour research to support articles and presentations I create. I create a new Project in OF2, go through my research papers and capture info when I find it interesting. Once captured, I will go into OF2 and ascribe the captured information to the appropriate Project.

This method then prompts me to go back over the research in question to help support my arguments.


OmniPop as an application in the menu bar is another option, though its another layer, I suppose.
Clipping services in Safari are probably calling OF in the same way.

Your OF process may be just what you need for your purposes, though there are other applications that I use for similar items, Clipping to DevonThink or Circus Ponies Notebook instead. Or OmniOutliner.

I was just curious what you were doing with the projects & how you were using OF. I might have to try clipping to OF more often & see if that changes anything for me.