Shortcuts: add to folder and project


I’m hoping for help with my current shortcuts problem.

I have a shortcut which has in the last step a text in taskpaper syntax and want this add to OmniFocus via the taskpaper to omnifocus action. The problem is this steps should go to a existing project which is inside two folders. So I cannot add this via the action because this only has add to project or a to folder but combine. I’m looking for a way to add my actions to (folder) (folder) (project).

Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks a lot.

This could be out of my depth but it looks it uses a double indent and dash to delineate a project within two folders. For instance say you have a Work/Training/Project1 folder structure. If I right click (on the Mac) and choose Copy as Taskpaper on my Work folder, and paste into a text editor, I get:

- Work
	- Training
		- Project1 @parallel(false) @autodone(false)

Not really sure if this will help.

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