Shortcuts couldn’t convert from Text to Tag

I’m testing out the new add to omnifocus shortcut but I’m having a issue passing text (variable) to tags - I get the following error:
“Shortcuts couldn’t convert from Text to Tag.”

The Tags I’m using are already in use in my OF database.

Does anyone know how to resolves this?

This conversation should help: Thanks for the new Shortcuts actions with V3.5

So I’d need the Identifier of the Tag…
Is there a way of getting that?

Not yet, no.

While you can’t get a tag identifier programmatically in Shortcuts, you can get the identifier of an existing tag separately and then use it in a Shortcut.

The easiest way I’ve found to do this is to use an iPad and get OmniFocus and Notes up side by side in split view.

If you open the Tags perspective then you can drag and drop a tag into Notes. This gives you a URL to link back to the tag, which includes the tag ID.

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I got the tag ID but I’m still getting the same error - can’t convert text to tag…
Maybe I need to look a building the shortcut differently and have multiple add to omnifocus…

If you’re going to do that you may as well just select that tag in the action directly.

That’s what I’m thinking… not as nice but works.

When I did something similar previously with the Find Items action, I had to process the tag into a database object before using it (see example below), however, I just tried doing the same thing with Add Item and I get the same error you do. Not sure if this is a bug or the two actions behave differently.

Ah that’s very helpful - Thanks very muchly 😊

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