Should I delete unused tags?

I’m going through my tags (I do wish the number of items per tag would show up right next to the tag in the right navbar the way they do in Evernote) and many of my tags have no active items associated with them. Wondering if it makes sense to delete those tags as I prefer things to be uncluttered.
As to whether I ever used those tags, I don’t know since clicking on a tag only shows active items. So possibly there are some completed, dropped or archived items associated with those tags.

Thoughts about deleting unused tags?

As I rarely refer back to completed tasks deleting tags for me probably is not an issue, however what I tend to do to make sure is move tags I want to delete to be sub tags of a “@deprecated” tag which is not active.

If I have not missed the tag in day to day usage, a month later I delete it.


You can always change your view and select “all” in the view settings instead of “available” or “remaining”. That would show you all completed tasks as well as the active ones.

I tend to not use the tags view at all, since I only use tags as a means to sort in perspectives and prioritise in lists. So I would keep them all in, even if they do not have actions associated, because I never know if I would need it later on.

You can change the status of a tag to ‘Dropped’ instead of deleting it.

This preserves your history (particularly of completed tasks), but the obsolete tags don’t show up in the tag hierarchy (unless the view setting is ‘All’).


I have an @Archived tag that’s On Hold. Whenever some other tag is no longer used I just drag it there.

I delete tags aggressively once they’re no longer useful and have no more associated actions. They live on in the ever-growing archive.

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