Should I upgrade to OF 2 iPad PRO version?

Hello all,

My 1st topic - apologies if I was supposed to introduce myself somewhere! :)
And if so - salutations!

After much dithering - jumped into the GTD system – after realising that Mr. DA, when talking about how trying to remember everything going on at once, causes stress/stress/stress, was basically speaking about my life at the moment!

Took the plunge, and bought OF2 for Mac, iPad and iPhone today. I’m certainly feeling poorer for it - but am fast beginning to realise I will more than see a return on my investment!

That being said >> I only noticed now, that the iPad app allows for an IAP (of $20), for the Pro version.
Given that I bought the Pro version for the Mac, I guess I’m wanting to know if I must/is it worth it, to lay down the additional expense for the iPad Pro version?

Looking at what is mentioned in the iOS settings page, under the Upgrade tab – it appears that the iPad PRO version allows for (a.) creating and viewing Custom Perspectives; and (b.) Customizing the Sidebar.

Regarding (a.) - since I’ve already created Custom Perspectives on my Mac – these have (thankfully) synced over to the iPad. Does this mean that the only(?) benefit of the iPad PRO version, would be the ability to create Custom Perspectives on the iPad? And assuming I’m happy to do that on my Mac, then this alone is not a compelling reason to get the iPad PRO version?

Regarding (b.) – could some kind soul please explain what is meant by my being able to “Customize the Sidebar”, specifically in the context of the iPad app? Being able to “arrange the top-level sidebar”, what does this entail, and is this enough of a reason to upgrade the iPad version, given my already having the PRO version on the Mac?

Apologies if the above is a silly series of questions - but hoping someone will assist the neophyte!

If you had purchased OmniFocus 1 for iPad previously, you can get the pro upgrade for free.

reinstall OF1 for iPad back on to your iPad. Usually, you can sync it to iTunes and transfer from there or go to your iTunes account and look for previous purchases to download.

Then go back to OF2 for iPad and select the pro upgrade (free). If OF2 detects that OF1 for iPad exists on your iPad, it will allow the free upgrade.

The Pro upgrade allows me to cut the tether that binds me to my Mac.

I like having the ability to create custom perspectives on my iPad because I don’t have to return back to my Mac. I have started using the iPad app more frequently since I put it in my messenger bag when I leave the office for field work.

I think the only time I use OmniFocus 2 for Mac is when I am doing heavy project creation, archiving completed tasks, and quick entry on the Mac.

Having a short list of my favourite perspectives on the Home Screen has also been a nice bonus. I can hide some of my infrequently-used perspectives away and not clutter up the Home Screen.

If you really want to make OmniFocus 2 for iPad become independent, the pro upgrade is worth it. I am confident that I can do almost everything on my iPad and not have to rely on my Mac as much.

Otherwise, I mostly use the iPad version now.

Many thanks for your comprehensive reply - I appreciate it.

Having spent the past few days heavily involved in the relevant manuals, and plenty of reading both here and in other blog-forums, I’m slowly getting my head around the potentially crucial role to be played by Perspectives… And agreed - it (and your point of breaking the Mac ‘tether’) makes it look worthwhile. Guess I might need to treat myself to it in the New Year!

You’re welcome. I think I go into a different mindset when I use my iPad vs using my Mac. I feel more business-like and serious in front of my Mac. But sometimes, I need to be in a more relaxed, free-form state of mind and I just seem to psychologically trick myself into going into another mode when I use my iPad.

With the introduction of OmniFocus 2 for iPad with the Pro upgrade, I no longer need to bring home my MacBook Pro. I always have OmniFocus on my iPad if I ever need it.

I also found that each platform has its own role in my life…

OmniFocus 2 for Mac is great at heavy duty project creation, quick capture when I’m at my Mac, and archiving completed tasks.

OmniFocus 2 for iPhone is great at quick capture and looking for tasks to work on in different locations (on the field, at a client’s office, at home, at the grocery shop, at the hardware store).

OmniFocus 2 for iPad is probably the best of both worlds. I get the portability of the iPhone version and retain about 95% of the power of the Mac App version.

I bought all three apps because I knew they would subtly incorporate itself into my life. But if push came to shove, I would get the Mac and iPad version. With that being said, there have been rumblings about the Pro features (custom perspectives, custom Home Screen) are rumoured to be coming to the iPhone app.

Even with the introduction of the iPhone 6 Plus, I still prefer engaging in the iPad versions of many of my apps. I just can’t imagine using Microsoft Office on the iPhone. I would probably use it only to view documents but not for any heavy editing. As much as I like the iPhone 6 plus, I still engage in the iPad versions of most of my apps if I had a choice.

A bluetooth keyboard would also be a worthwhile investment and can help ease the process of heavy duty project editing. I like having arrow keys. It’s a touch-and-go affair when I have to use tapping to highlight words or paragraphs. If you do a lot of typing in text-based apps such as OmniOutliner, OmniFocus, Pages, Numbers, and other apps, the bluetooth keyboard is worth the investment. Either the Apple Bluetooth keyboard with a keyboard case or an iPad case with a built-in keyboard.

Looking at your reply, I’m gonna guess that you didn’t previously buy OmniFocus 1 for iPad. It will be free if you had previously purchased OmniFocus 1 for iPad.