Should project headers (names) & first level of outline items have contexts?

This is probably a trivial question; but as I am entering projects & single action lists, I am undecided whether it’s best to assign a context to the project name and/or first level (header) of to-do items within a single action list outline … or is it best to only give the actual tasks a context & leave the headers without one?

For instance, if I had a group of to-do items in a single action list entitled “Downtown Errands” with three or four children of that group, should I give only the children a context & leave the “Downtown Errands” without one?

I know it likely is six of one or half dozen of another; but any insights as to how experts do it would be helpful since the purpose of all this is to quickly get things done.


Assigning a context to a project specifies the default context for newly created actions in that project. So if a project is “Clean out the garage”, it might make sense to have a default context of “Home” for that project. (But then if one of the actions is “Buy garbage bags”, you can set that action’s context to “Errands”.) Otherwise, setting a context on a project may not make much sense.