Show all tags w/o evoking sidebar?

I would like to use OF more by keyboard shortcuts and w/o the sidebar or inspector. I imagine a future where I type ⌘1 to see the inbox, ⌘2 to see all the emails I need to reply to or write, ⌘3 to see all my tasks by tag, and so on.

The problem I’m having, however, is that sometimes when I type a shortcut, for example ⌘3 to show Tags, I see a tag that’s been drilled down into. For example, right now I see this:

I can’t figure out a way to clear this view and show all tags without evoking the sidebar and clicking on Tags so that it clears the focused view and shows everything. Is there a way?

In OmniFocus 2, I’m pretty sure there was a way to clear the sidebar selection using the keyboard…but it doesn’t look like this feature made it into OmniFocus 3.

I recommend submitting this request to the Omni Group by choosing Context Omni from the Help menu. I’ll send in this request as well.


I’ve since been in touch with @aaron in Support, and it turns out that it is possible to do all of this from the keyboard, but it involves three keyboard shortcuts (assuming the sidebar is hidden):

⌥⌘1 — Go to Sidebar (also displays the sidebar)
⇧⌘A — Deselect All
⌥⌘S — Hide Sidebar

I came up with a Keyboard Maestro macro that goes through these steps with a single keyboard shortcut (I’m using ⇧⌥⌘ U). It will also leave the sidebar visible if it was previously visible and should work with any perspective (including custom ones).

You’ll find it here:

I hope this helps!



Well that’s downright thoughtful and generous. Thank you, Tim!


You’re very welcome, Beck!

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