Show context field in context-based perspectives

I guess technically this is for OmniFocus on Mac and iOS.

Right now, grouping by anything other than context in context-based perspectives means there’s no quick way to scan the list and see what the contexts of the items are. The context field doesn’t appear in the row, only Project.

That’s unfortunate, since my preference for a “Today” view would be grouping by Due Date and sorting by context. But I’m forced to do it the other way around or else I can’t separate by context at all.

And strangely, even if you group by Project, the only field shown is still Project, which is just silly.

The net result is that you’ve put time in a group-by feature that’s wasted on me, since I can’t really afford to group by anything but context.

My dream behavior for context-based perspectives would be:

  • If not grouped by Context, show context on the row.
  • If not grouped by Project, show project on the row (as opposed to always)
  • For bonus points, same for due/defer (as opposed to always)

However, I’d settle for a checkbox in View Options for “Show context” that I can set myself.

The Forecast view on Mac actually shows both project and context on the row, so plainly there’s not a technical limitation here. This is really the only way in which I find the OF2 interface to be clearly inferior to OF1, and it’d be nice to see it fixed.

Any chance this can hit the backlog for a future update?


I agree. The only way to easily view and change the context of a task when in a context view is to use the inspector. It would be really helpful to have both project and context listed below the task name, similar to the way it is presented in the Inbox.

The only chance is voting. I mean, submitting this as a feature request. As the only official way of doing so is via email, I suggest you submit this. Help > ‘Contact Omni’ on the app menu gives you all the info you need.
I’m not sure I have already voted for it myself, but as I strongly agree with you, I’m doing that now. ;-)
(Please do as well, as the more votes the better our chances)